Is Buying A Car At A Police Auction A Good Idea

Is Buying A Car At A Police Auction A Good IdeaPolice Car Auctions :: No1 Auction Search Engine
Very often, there's a good mix of cars at a police public car auction, since the cars are impounded from owners from all strata of society. It's a always a good idea to buy a guide book that lists the market values of the types of cars you'll be bidding on.

How to Buy Police Impounded Cars: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
Three Parts:Preparing to Attend an Auction Attending the Police Impound Auction Taking Your Car Home Community Q&A. If you're looking to save money on your next car purchase, you may consider buying an impounded car from a police auction. Buying Cars at Auction
Several people have suggested I buy a car at a police auction. Second, making a buying decision on a major appliance like an automobile based upon a cursory inspection and a wild bidding atmosphere (loaded with shills) is not a good idea.

Buying A Car From a Police Car Auction? – MyHonestMechanic
Reader Question There is one of those police seized car auctions coming up in my town, and I was just wondering if buying a used stolen or seized car from a police auction was a good idea or not?

Abc of Police Car Auctions
Next "must do" thing is going through an auto check history report, knowing you are buying a car from a police car auction! In the end you don't want to be cheated. If it's your first time it would be a good idea to start off as an "observer".

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So, it's probably also a good idea to talk to an independent Trusted Choice┬« agent to help you find car insurance quotes before you buy. There are no guarantees or warranties at public auctions. Auction Police Richmond CA 94801 – Banks own the best inventory at the best prices, in general.

Buying a car at a police auction? | Forum
An unexpected surprise at police auctions is when the vehicle contains some property that has potential value. A couple examples: First, A friend of mine bought a car at a police auction and the rear trunk was packed full of Magic: The…

What You Didn't Know About Buying Cars at Auction | Trusted Choice
Government or police auctions: These include county and city vehicles like buses, police cruisers, utility trucks and more. So, it's probably also a good idea to talk to an independent Trusted Choice® agent to help you find car insurance quotes before you buy.

How to buy a car at an auction – Quora
Police seizure auctions can have some very interesting inventory, but these vehicles were taken away from criminals and some criminals are not very In general, then, buying a used car at a consumer auto auction is only a good idea if you have the skills to recognize a good quality used car, and…

How To Buy Cars At Police Auctions – Government Sale… – Thrillist
13 Tips For Buying A Car At A Police Auction. By Aaron Miller Published On 07/09/2015. You need to have a decent idea of what you're wanting to pick up, or you won't have time to properly vet everything, which could get messy.

Police Car Auction – Police Auctions
This is needed to buy the vehicle and to do the title work and registration. A mechanic is a good idea at a car auction because they can see where someone may have tried to hide repairs and damage that the vehicle Police Auctions: Homes – Seized properties from drug forfeitures, bankruptcies, etc.

Police Auction In Brookfield | How To Buy Cheap Cars In Your City
On the other side, if you're looking for a used auto, looking for police auction could be the best idea. Although you may end up spending a little more when buying from a car dealership, these types of police auction are generally thoroughly tested in addition to have extended warranties and…

is buying a near-new car at auction a good idea? | Forum
Buying a used car at a dealer is taking a chance already, but buying a car from an auction is even taking a bigger chance. Personally, I would never do, but I have known people that have done and had good luck.

Can I Buy an Old Police Car? (with pictures)
If you buy an old police car at auction, you are usually not allowed to test drive it beforehand. It's a good idea to assess the condition of an old police car as best you can before buying it, because police officers are very hard on their cars.

Attending police car auctions | Car Repair Advice…
So, you are buying a car that is a bit older, but it is still going to be in good condition, and it is going to get you quite a few years on the road, for a You will over pay for any used car at a dealer; instead of allowing this to happen, it is a great idea to consider the option of buying from a police car auctions…

How to Buy a Car From an Impound Lot | eHow
If you need a car but only have a few thousand dollars to spend, buying a car through an impound auction may be your best bet. Cars that are impounded and unclaimed for a period of time, sometimes only 15 days, can be legally auctioned by a police department.

Everything You Need To Know About Buying a Car at Auction
"At a government auction it's, say, a county that has 30 or 40 police cruisers it needs to get rid of. "Now they're not even remotely good places to buy a car. The only people who should go to public Online resources such as Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds give a general idea what used cars are worth.

Cheapest Way to Buy a Car | Synonym | Auctions
You can buy a cheap car that runs well. Buying a car is one of the largest purchases you'll make, so it's always a good idea to try to pay as little as you can. Auctions can consist of police auctions, government auctions and just general car auctions. The downside of an auction is the cars come…

Police Car Auction – Publicly Held: Police Auto Auctions
…or have been bought with money that has been obtained by crime. If you need to afford a new car spend much, but then I recommend very, that research and continue with a police car auction. If you have a friend, a mechanic, or know much about cars can be a good idea to take it with you, because…

Is Buying an Ex-Fleet Car a Good Idea? |
Is Buying an Ex-Fleet Car a Good Idea? Back to Article. Page 1 of 8. Municipal Fleet Sales. Municipalities usually trade in their old police and public utility vehicles, but a few auction them off to the public.

Best tips for buying a car at auction – Car Advice | CarsGuide
And, as with any kind of auction, what makes them a tempting proposition is that you stand a good chance of picking up a bargain. Buying a car at auction can be 10 to 30 per cent cheaper than shopping for a second-hand car at your local dealer.

Police Car Auctions |
Making good buys at police car auctions can save you lots of money. Still, there are a lot of people trolling the auctions for great auto buys so you need to do your homework before hitting the auction lot.

Seized and police car auctions Melbourne, Victoria – Australian…
Perhaps the idea of buying cars from auctions is a little scary. It's best if you intend to purchase a car at a Police car auction that you have some form of mechanical knowledge and know that the vehicle is cheap for a reason.

Car Auctions | Ex Police Vehicles
Its often a good idea to look out for cars from main dealers that have been taken in part exchange. Police and Government Auction Sources UK. More About Car Auctions. Going to a car auction is a great way to pick up a bargain motor.

Cars Should you buy a used police car? A guide to police auctions
It's a always a good idea to buy a guide book that lists the market values of the types of cars you 'll be bidding on. This will help you decide what a fair price for a given vehicle would be. Also, remember that the vehicles at a local police car auction are sold "as is…

A Summary of Police Auto Auctions – CamaroCarPlace
Buyers couldn't ask for anything better than this. It's simple to see why, because you are buying something from a seller that will sell at a suitable non-market related price. So the idea of those police auto auctions seems attractive to you.

Are Police Impound Car Auctions Any Good? | Yahoo Answers
Police auctions are great for good deals. Most of the cars will need new ignitions and possibly extensive interior repairs. Is buying cars at police impound auctions a good way to buy my first car

Head To The Car Auction Instead Of The Car Lot
You can find some really great deals by learning how to buy at a car auction. Police will have auctions on a regular basis to get rid of inventory that as accumulated over a period of time. It is also a good idea if a mechanic inspects the vehicle first, or you could inspect the car yourself.

Have you ever bought a Car @ a Police/Government Auction? | Forum
Have you ever bought a Car @ a Police/Government Auction? (vehicles, sedans). User Name. A few years ago a lady bought a car at a repossessed/seized auction. She sent it to a mechanic to make it run and he found 85k in the fuel tank.

Buying a used car – Citizens Advice | Buying from an auction
Auctions are probably the riskiest way of buying a used car. You should report the seller to the police if the log book (V5C registration certificate) doesn't match the car on the DVLA records. It's a good idea to get a private history check (sometimes called a 'data check') on the car – this will give…

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